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Tuition and fees can be paid at once, or via 10 equal monthly payments. Many of our students are eligible to apply for scholarships that can be applied against our tuition & fees (see below). The difference that is not covered by a scholarship can be split into 10 monthly installments, or for however many months are left of school for students that enroll during the school year.

Available Scholarships

Florida Residents & Disabilities:  Step Up for Students


Income Based & Disabilities:   AAA Scholarship Foundation

Students Who Have Been Bullied: Hope Scholarship 

Foster Children (income based):   AAA Scholarship Foundation

Financial Hardship 

​If your household income is less than 199% of the Federal Poverty Guideline, you may qualify for a Financial Hardship Discount that will cover between 10-75% of the balance due after a scholarship is applied. See the links below for more information.


Financial Hardship Discount Information

Apply for Financial Hardship Discount 

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