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  • Sunrise Academy Announcements

Updated: Jan 5

Sunrise Academy is excited to announce that Mr. Joseph Collins has joined our Upper School 6th-12th as its new assistant principal.

Sunrise Academy is pleased to welcome Mr. Collins to the team. As the Upper School continues to grow, we are excited by all the possibilities Mr. Collins leadership will have for this division of our school.

Mr. Collins has been dedicated to the field of education for more than 20 years. He has worked in a variety of areas in education such as teaching, school admissions, and school administration on the middle and high school levels.

In partnership with the faculty, students, and parents, Mr. Collins will work diligently to continue the legacy of success established by Sunrise Academy and looks forward to building strong bonds with faculty, students, parents, and community partners.

With his leadership style of "My door is always open," he welcomes the opportunity to work together in all areas for the betterment of our students and school.


Upper School Assistant Principal

Joseph Collins:

Lower School Assistant Principal Cheryl Bedenbaugh:


  • Sunrise Academy Announcements

Sunrise Academy upper elementary students become published authors, writing and illustrating their own books through a national student publishing program, Studentreasures Publishing.

Sunrise Academy has announced that over sixty of its students have become published authors through a national student publishing program. As part of the publishing process, students in grades 3rd-5th planned, wrote, and illustrated their own books using a free publishing kit provided by Studentreasures Publishing. The topic of their books was Holiday Memories.

The students of Bethany Green’s writing class have been working hard on their books for several weeks. The idea for their class book started when they decided they wanted to share their favorite holiday memories with their families. “These kids worked incredibly hard and poured every effort they had into their stories. We are so proud of them, remarks Bethany Green.

The Studentreasures publishing program provides teachers an easy way to incorporate any lesson plan – from math and science to history, art, and more – into a fun and memorable activity. Publishing a book in the classroom engages students through hands-on learning and inspires a love of reading and writing.

The best part? A classroom full of proud, smiling young authors, with a memory that lasts a lifetime, plus, a full-color, deluxe hardcover book for the teacher or school library. The students’ parents also have an option to purchase copies of these unique, childhood keepsakes.

Sunrise Academy rolled out the red carpet for our student authors as the students celebrated their accomplishment, viewed their published books, and entertained the audience with a reading from the authors work during their publishing party. The publishing party was visited by a reporter for The West Volusia Beacon newspaper and the students are excited to be recognized in an upcoming December 2021 issue of the newspaper.


  • Sunrise Academy Announcements

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Sunrise Academy's High School students lead their first mock trial as part of their student council initiative to inspire and collaborate with school officials on school policies and changes.

Congratulations to our High School students for their outstanding performance in pleading their case against their recent schedule changes in our “School Court”!

Their opening statement, persuasive academic research, and compelling arguments made it quite difficult for the jury to reach a verdict against their petition.

The Plaintiff and the Defense teams built such a compelling case, that both parties agreed to consider each other's valid points concerning this issue and negotiated a “win-win” alternative presented by the jury.

This event also inspired our students to take the initiative to organize their Student Council to keep fostering open communication channels and opportunities to partake in the ongoing decision-making processes throughout this 2021-22 school year.

The jury recommended meeting again at the end of the second academic quarter to show the students’ significant academic improvement that will justify the reinstatement of their prior schedule as requested.

The Head of School, Mrs. Y. Marte, Executive Administrative Assistant, Ms. S. Franklin, as well as the PK12 Director, Ms. V. Pellot, led the Defense Team while the Plaintiff Team was lead by Brandon Herrera, 11th grade student at Sunrise Academy.

Mrs. Marte remarked that she was "extremely proud to see the dedication, professionalism, and preparation displayed by the high school students." A special thank you to all the high school students, faculty, and staff involved in planning and conducting the first high school mock trial.

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