Welcome to Pre-VPK!

In this classroom, we focus heavily on laying the foundation for cognitive development; specifically how they interpret and sort all of what they learn on a day-to-day basis.  Focusing on this behavior will greatly help your child in learning how to stay focused and sit still for longer periods of time.  It’s not always an easy task to learn, but something that will ensure better preparation for our VPK classroom, and into your child’s early elementary years.

In this classroom, learning is based on our Frog Street curriculum as well as our highly qualified teachers. It offers hands on learning based on each of your children’s interests and strengths.  Science experiments, dramatic play, fine and gross motor play, writing, math and early reading exercises are all a part of our weekly curriculums.  The belief that learning should be fun yet educational is a key belief here at SA.  

It is our goal at SA to ensure that our program promotes development and enhances the learning of each individual child served.

Child Teacher Ratio


3-4 Year Old

What They Say!

This is the fist school my daughter has been to that I've never had a problem with. This is the 4th school she's been to and it's the last! She will be here till she graduates high school if I stay living in this area. I would prefer this school over any of the public schools ANY day. Even if I have to pay for it. They provide great opportunities for the kids and the classes are small so more one on one time if your child needs it. The staff is also amazing. My daughter is always running to give them hugs and she's always excited to see everyone. She never acted that way at any of her other schools. I would recommend this school to everyone and anyone!

-Amy Marie


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