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It is with my sincerest gratitude that I welcome you to Sunrise Academy! From humble beginnings until now, I have believed that one should never lose their focus; their desire to succeed and achieve all that one seeks out of life with the notion that anything worth having is not necessarily straightforward.

As an educator, it is my passion to help students achieve and envision life as an opportunity to do all things when you have the willingness to try. Growing up, I was not always motivated to be all that I could be until that one teacher came along that inspired me, motivated me, supported me, and did not give up on me. I want to be that difference in as many children's lives as I can. I want to offer them not only my all but the commitment of all Sunrise Academy teachers who too strive to be that difference.

Without a doubt, what differentiates success from failure is never giving up, and the Sunrise Academy Team will not give up on our commitment to educating and supporting today's youth.

Yahayra Marte 

School Founder & President

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