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Start your Sunrise Academy journey here.

Sunrise Academy has a rolling admission process and we admit qualified students year round. There are a few steps to the admission process, which are outlined below:


Gather Important Documents

Before we can enroll your child, you must have the following documents available:

  1. Child's Birth Certificate;

  2. Child and Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Social Security Card;

  3. Parent's/Guardian's Photo ID (Florida Driver License or U.S. Passport);

  4. Parent's/Guardian's Proof of Address (e.g. utility bill issued in last 3 months);

  5. Child's Health Examination Form (Issued within last 12 months); [more info]

  6. Child's Proof of Immunization; [more info]


Review Our Fees 

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for a partial, or fully funded preschool place.  To find out about preschool fees, call the school.


Explore Payment Options

We offer a number of payment options, and funded places are available. Options include:

1. Self Pay (Preschool and VPK Wrap)

2. Apply for School Readiness [click here]

3. Apply for Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) (4 year olds) [click here]


Complete and Submit Enrollment Application

Once you are ready to apply, click to complete an Application for Enrollment (application fee is non-refundable):

Click here to Apply for Enrollment


Wait for Admission Decision

The Admission Committee will review your Application for Enrollment and notify you of a decision via phone within 3 business days. If we need any additional information, we will also request this via phone or email.


Meet with Office Specialist for Financials

The Office Specialist for Financials & Scholarships will meet with you to review your financial obligations.


Registration Fee

Pay registration fee to secure placement and start date. (Registration fee is non-refundable)


Start School at Sunrise Academy

Once admitted to the school, your child will be able to attend Sunrise Academy! 


Call our Admissions Office on (386) 775-7866

 VISIT Sunrise academy PRESCHOOL

Apply for Admission for a Guided Tour with our Admission Specialist


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