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Sunrise Academy Chorus

Sunrise Academy is pleased to announce the beginning of Sunrise Academy Chorus, a musical group where students can come together to share their love of singing.

Sunrise Academy Chorus is a wonderful opportunity for creativity and fun as the students explore large-group singing. Students are provided with the opportunity to further develop singing skills by learning how to properly use their voice as well as performance techniques in preparation for spring, graduation, and holiday performances.

Upper elementary and middle school students, who enjoy singing, are encouraged to join chorus. Chorus rehearsals take place on select early release Fridays from 1:30PM-2:30PM and during designated homeroom blocks.

For students interested in joining chorus, please see one of the coordinators, Ms. Bedenbaugh, Ms. Grimes, or Ms. Dawson.


Cheryl Bedenbaugh, Assistant Principal:

Tameka Averett-Grimes, Office Specialist:

Elaine Dawson, Elementary Teacher:


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