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Sunrise Academy Congratulated by British Lord Mayor

Sunrise Academy was recognized by the Lord Mayor of the City and Council of Swansea for its work with the Peace Mala project.

Sunrise Academy was pleased to receive a Civic Letter of Congratulations and a Civic Plate from the Mayor and people of the City and Council of Swansea in Wales, United Kingdom for its work with the Swansea based Peace Mala project.

Peace Mala is multi award winning educational project founded by Pam Evans MBE that promotes peace, compassion, and citizenship. Peace Mala is endorsed by many community leaders, including Pope Francis, and the Dalai Lama. In 2020, Sunrise Academy became the first school in the United States to receive Peace Mala Accreditation.

Both principals of Sunrise Academy Upper School and Lower School are fully committed to the message and goals of Peace Mala. Upper School Principal Levi Connolly remarked that "Peace Mala provides schools with a foundation to instill values of compassion" while Lower School Principal Shellnisha Franklin said that Peace Mala "is greatly needed in our world right now."

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